Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Few Random Thoughts

We started watching Glee last night...I think Daniel likes it more than he pretends to. He was all triumphantly "I told you so" when the chorus teacher's bitchy wife's pregnancy turned out to be fake.

Australian Wipeout is way more intense than American Wipeout. I'm not talking about the obstacles--I mean the contestants. I have never been so visually assaulted in my entire life. I sat there for a good five minutes with an expression of shock and horror frozen onto my face. Does no one Down Under own a full-length pair of shorts?

I can't believe Maddie is going to be a year old in a few weeks. She's learning so much...walking, talking, etc; and I can't help but think what am I gonna do when she starts asking questions I don't know the answer to? Daniel makes fun of me for not knowing where Iowa is. (For some reason I thought it was much more south and east than it actually is.) Having a kid is a huge responsibility. You need to be a walking encyclopedia. Of course once they turn 11 or 12 everything you say is stupid to them anyway...I think that window is rapidly shrinking. My luck, Maddie will be giving me that "Mom, you're an idiot" look by age 5.

Why is 99% of our town the poster for rural small-town Americana--old ladies digging in their flowerbeds, people reading on porch swings, little league-- and the other 1% is living across the street from us-- selling drugs, living off the govt., beating their wives, disturbing the peace, and basically living like they're auditioning for "COPS"?

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