Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wedding craziness

44 days out and the last big thing that needs done is food. We're meeting a potential caterer on Friday, providing neither one of us has the bird flu. We had one lined up but she never called me back...and this new one would be $4 cheaper per person, which will save us over $800. I'm freaking out slightly since I wanted to start addressing and mailing invitations today...and I can't find my address book. The last time I saw it was when we took it to Sis and Greg's to get their family's addresses, so maybe it's in the car.
Pops and Lisa got married last night, and even though I felt like (and probably looked like) death I went anyway. I'm glad I did. It was just a short ceremony at Sea-Jay, but they are so happy and so in love that it was really special. Granted, the officiant looked like Don Vito, and they literally played "Endless Love" before the ceremony, but overall it was very nice. Dinner at Eat n Park and a free piece of pie later, I was very happy to get back home and collapse into bed. And of course I left my camera in my purse, at Daniel's, so I have no pictures. Boo.

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